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A member of Khozan Holdings Energy and Infrastructure Group.

At M-Power Corporation (“M-Power”), we try to develop technologies that directly benefit the end users. Every invention has to answer some basic questions very clearly before it can be introduced to the market:

Will it be a primary source of energy for the users or a back-up system?

Does it completely fulfill the requirements of the category it will be placed in?

What are the regulatory regimes with respect to power generation and distribution in the target areas in which the new invention will be introduced?

Will it be economically viable?

The following pages will introduce you to our latest inventions. They are relatively simple systems that have a profound impact in energy production, distribution and conservation.

M-Power is helping meet the growing appetite for electrical power in the Industrialized and Emerging Economies. Our systems are environmentally neutral and leave no carbon footprint nor do they deplete any natural resources.

We are a Canadian corporation inventing new ways to generate renewable energy. Our innovative solutions are unparalleled. All our inventions are unique, inexpensive and easy to use.