M-Power Generators Based on Graphite Heat Collectors

Graphite Power Generators (GPG)

M-Power’s sister company, CVMR®, has been able to produce graphene and graphite by the following methods:

  1. Refining and slicing of mineral graphite;
  2. Converting methane gas to graphene, using the CVD process developed at CVMR®;
  3. Capturing CO2 emissions, from industrial operations, through a novel, modular, scalable, scrubber system with a small footprint, and turning the captured CO2 into various valuable forms of graphite and graphene.

In 2018 CVMR® was selected as one of the finalists and won a substantial grant provided by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Centers of Excellence (“OCE”) under a three-phase competition over three years, called Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge. The grant is in support of the project for uptake of CO2 from industrial operations and its conversion to graphene and graphite. One of the uses of the graphite and graphene produced from the captured CO2 is their use in generating electricity by trapping and storing heat from the sun.

Off Grid Electricity Generation

M-Power has initiated a project that would facilitate placing graphene in aerosols, sprayed over a surface that can capture heat from the sun and store that heat in a series of graphite sponges. The heat thus stored can be converted to kinetic energy and ultimately to electricity for distribution, off grid or in micro-grids, in a silent and environmentally completely neutral manner. The system uses Vanadium batteries to store the produced energy for smooth, continuous operation.

The Graphite Power Generators, or GPGs, that are being developed at M-Power® can be as small as two mobile phones put together. They could, for example, be placed on top of a soldier’s knapsack allowing her to have all the electricity she needs in the field, day and night. They can be built into much bigger panels on top of a house, hospital, an apartment or office building, as the main sources of generating electricity or as auxiliary units during power shortages and emergencies, without noise or pollution. A smaller unit can be put behind a window in an apartment building to generate electricity off the grid whenever desired, or in a mobile unit used for camp sites, buildings or mine sites in remote areas.

Given the existing technologies that can generate electricity off the grid, render generating power at a large generating station archaic and inefficient. M-Power® through its R&D department is attempting to develop a series of prototype GPGs in various sizes and shapes.

Given the existing technologies that can generate electricity off grid, render generation of power at a large power station archaic and inefficient. M-Power® through its R&D department is a leader in developing a series of prototype GPGs in various models for use in diverse areas and for different purposes.