Power Generator Based On Liquid Expansion


  • Using solar or geothermal heat source
  • Using thermal storage to enable the system to run 24/7
  • Low “total cost/kW generated” parameter
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Zero leak on hydraulic and fluid loops
  • Easy to fabricate, easy to assembly on site
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Self-diagnosing system
  • “Off the grid” power concept
  • On site power generation, Where power grids do not exist


System Description in Summary

A set of uniquely designed panels absorb solar heat and transfer it to a thermal storage unit. The system is based on two closed loop streams. One stream comprises either hot or cold water loops and the other employs a special fluid with very high thermal expansion coefficient, using a CVMR® manufactured special nano metal powder made specifically for this purpose.

A hydraulic rectifier is employed to convert these two oscillatory motions into a continuous motion. A hydraulic motor propels a power generator at 900 rpm.

Mobile power generator

Interior view showing a power module and 2 thermal storage units

Fluid Expander

  • Low thermal mass
  • Efficient and fast acting shut-off valve
  • Extended and optimized heat transfer surface
  • Enhanced local heat transfer coefficient by using circulation pump
  • Modular construction concept

View of heat exchangers where fluid expansion occurs

View of the power module


Power Module

  • A module can produce net 7 to 10 kW continuously
  • Heat energy is provided by 8 standard solar water heating panels
  • Cooling loop uses ambient air as a cooling medium

Interior view of a small mobile power system

Graphical representation of the water & fluid temperature changes