M Power Corporation

M-Power Corporation (“M-Power”) is a full-service, power generating and distributing corporation specialized in implementing its proprietary technologies in the Emerging Economies that might not have sufficient funds or conventional resources to use as fuel for energy generation.

Energy and energy related infrastructure development are our company’s key areas of focus and expertise. M-Power’s energy infrastructure development teams are multi-disciplinary with sub-sector experiences that include all aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution, trading, clean tech, climate change and emissions trading, including the MUSH-sector focused infrastructure, energy conservation, energy storage, retrieval, geothermal and waste to energy technologies.

M-Power teams specialize in all technical aspects of energy generation and delivery systems, complemented by expertise such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate/commercial tax, transportation, land use, environment protection, government relations, regulatory, aboriginal, and intellectual property specialists.

We have been intimately involved in:

  • The implementation of new electricity markets in North America, Africa and the Middle east;
  • The development of alternative energy technologies and systems;
  • The development of the renewable energy generation sector; and
  • The restructuring of the energy industry in a number of African and Caribbean countries.

Members of the M-Power team have been appointed by various governments to serve on various taskforces, including the Ontario Government’s Electricity Conservation and Supply Task Force, the Electric System Working Group of the U.S.-Canada Power System Taskforce which investigated the August 2003 blackout in North America, the Power Outage Review Team which investigated Jamaica’s all island-power outage in July 2006 and the Smart Grid Forum of the Independent Electricity System Operator of South Africa and the Provincial task force investigating measure to prevent outages that occurred in the Winter of 2014 in Ontario.

We have been engaged by our client countries in transactions involving the development, refurbishment, and operation of power generation and co-generation plants using a full range of fuel sources, including natural gas, oil, and renewables, the transmission and local distribution of electricity (including related regulatory matters), power trading and marketing, and the development of emerging innovative energy technologies including hydrogen, power cells, biomass, solar and geothermal (clean tech). We have advised both strategic and financial players in respect of mergers and acquisitions in the power sector worldwide, from the Balkans to North Africa to Central Africa, to the Middle East and the Far East.

M Power & Proteus

M-Power Corporation and Proteus Systems Inc. are affiliate corporations with strategic synergies in technology development and commercialization of those technologies. Both corporations are headquartered in Toronto and have cross directorships and free flow of ideas among their senior technical staff.

Proteus is engaged in R & D, piloting and demonstrating various proprietary technologies, mostly invented as joint ventures with M-Power. M-Power implements those technologies and operates various facilities on a global scale.